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Network Sharing 4.5 - On the brink of a new generation

Global, United Kingdom - June 21 2021 We are moving on from an era in which telecom operators have needed to maintain ownership of their own networks in order to compete. Now, we are…

Cristina Ciomos, Bruce Gavin, Joseph Ladusans, Claudia Nagy, Dóra Petrányi, James Samson, Chris Watson

Top 5 take aways from recent fibre roll out financing transactions

United Kingdom - December 7 2020 The last three years have seen a large amount of activity in the telecoms infrastructure market in the UK, boosted by the rise and energy of…

Katie Duffield, Bruce Gavin

The Law Commission’s Statement of Law: Execution with an electronic signature - what does it mean for your organisation?

United Kingdom - June 9 2020 England and Wales 09.06.2020 Download PDF The COVID-19 pandemic has made the in-person signing of deeds and documents impractical and created a…

Warren Gordon, Simon Howley, Richard Oliphant, Ian Stevens

Electronic signing in finance transactions

United Kingdom - April 20 2020 With the implementation of home working and social distancing measures to address the spread of COVID-19, the logistics of signing documents and…

Charlotte Choules, Annie Harvey, Marianne Mudd

Communications infrastructure finance: catching up to the speed of connectivity

United Kingdom - March 23 2018 Earlier this week, bidding began in the UK for a share of newly released spectrum to provide the backbone for the next generation of network and data…

Katie Duffield, Andrew Ivison, Charles Kerrigan