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Updated mandatory filing requirements for Indian companies - Deadlines August 31 and September 13, 2018

India - July 26 2018 The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has amended the filing requirements relating to director identification numbers (DIN) and issued these under…

Bill Carr, Mumuksha Singh

Executive remuneration and ESG

European Union, United Kingdom - August 31 2022 Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are top of the agenda for many companies today. While ESG seeps into all aspects of…

Andrew Quayle, Ash Saluja, Mark Walker

Indian Supreme Court approves "fly in fly out" but not foreign law firm entry

India - March 13 2018 In a decision handed down on 13 March 2018, India’s Supreme Court has ruled that: foreign lawyers can visit India on a “casual” basis and advise on…

Bill Carr, Kushal Gandhi

Indirect consequences of Novel Coronavirus for UK listed companies

United Kingdom - February 20 2020 The continued global spread of Novel Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) and the consequent travel restrictions imposed within, into and out of China may…

Gordon Anton, Philippa Chatterton, Alice Frydl

Main Market companies: get your Legal Entity Identifier before 1 October 2017

United Kingdom - June 1 2017 From 1 October 2017 all issuers of securities admitted to an EU regulated market, such as companies with a premium or standard listing on the UK Main…

Barney Hearnden, Peter Bateman, Gary Green