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Executive remuneration and ESG

European Union, United Kingdom - August 31 2022 Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are top of the agenda for many companies today. While ESG seeps into all aspects of…

Andrew Quayle, Ash Saluja, Mark Walker

FCA discussion paper on UK listing regime reforms, including the new single listing segment

United Kingdom - June 7 2022 On 26th May 2022 the FCA published a Discussion Paper (DP 22/2) seeking views on how the UK listing regime could be further reformed in order to make…

Charles Howarth, David Jahoda, Yee Rou Quah

UK Prospectus Regime Outcome - 1 March 2022

United Kingdom - March 4 2022 On Tuesday 1st March 2022 the UK Government (through HM Treasury) announced the Review Outcome of its consultation to reform the UK Prospectus Regime…

Charles Howarth, David Jahoda

AIM Rules: the Importance of engaging with your nominated adviser

United Kingdom - December 3 2021 An AIM listed company (the “Company”) was recently publicly censured and fined heavily for failing to properly engage with its nominated adviser and…

Nicole Gyring-Nielsen, Jack Shepherd

Executive Remuneration: Consultation on Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance

United Kingdom - March 29 2021 The UK Government’s Consultation on restoring trust in audit and corporate governance (which can be found here) has implications for executive…

Kati Rannala, Mark Walker