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FCA and PRA fines highlight firms' accountability for failures of their outsourcing providers

United Kingdom - June 4 2019 The importance the financial regulators place on effective oversight and management of outsourcing arrangements has been highlighted by both the PRA…

Alison McHaffie, Ian Stevens

Outsourcing Playbook

United Kingdom - March 5 2019 The UK government has recently published the Outsourcing Playbook. The Playbook provides guidelines and principles for central government and those…

Amanda Methven, Kayleigh Purves

EBA releases outsourcing guidelines

European Union - February 28 2019 On 25 February 2018, after extensive consultation the European Banking Association (“EBA”) has published its latest set of guidelines (the…

Ian Stevens

Digital potential for Scotland

United Kingdom - February 9 2019 SFT (the Scottish Futures Trust) have published (here) a report entitled “Scotland’s digital potential with enhanced 4G and 5G capability”, prepared…

Eleanor Lane, Ailsa Ritchie, Duncan Turner

Scottish Government publishes cyber threat action plan

United Kingdom - July 12 2018 No organisation, however large or small, is immune from cyber-attacks. The Scottish Government has, this month, set out the actions it will take to…

Colin Hutton, Leigh Monteforte, Stephen Tester