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FinTech: Evolution or revolution? An update on the latest developments

United Kingdom - June 1 2018 Innovation within the financial technology industry (better known as the FinTech industry) has transformed the financial services market. FinTech has…

Sam Robinson

Brexit (4): the Article 50 process - a legal analysis looking at 10 key questions

European Union, United Kingdom - September 2 2016 The UK will need to make use of the Article 50 process to bring about Brexit. The process would be easy for an exiting state that does not require an…

Paul Edmondson, Caroline Hobson, Simon Morris, Ash Saluja

The Supreme Court comments on the definition of “collective investment scheme”

United Kingdom - May 12 2016 On 20 April 2016, the UK’s Supreme Court issued its judgment in the case of Asset Land Investment Plc and another v the Financial Conduct Authority…

Paul Edmondson, Karagh Gilliatt, Simon Morris, Ash Saluja

UK implementation of the Insurance Distribution Directive

European Union, United Kingdom - June 6 2017 HM Treasury (“HMT”) consulted on the transposition of the Insurance Distribution Directive (2016/97/EU) (“IDD”), which will repeal and replace the…

Maxine Cupitt, Paul Edmondson, Karagh Gilliatt, Bill McCaffrey, Alison McHaffie, Simon Morris, Sam Robinson, Ash Saluja

FCA finalise guidance for firms outsourcing to the cloud and other third-party IT services

United Kingdom - July 21 2016 On 7 July 2016, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published its finalised guidance (the Guidance), “FG16/5 - Guidance for firms outsourcing to…

Victoria Hewson, Alan Nelson, Ian Stevens