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When it comes to blockchain, don’t be a blockhead

USA - February 5 2020 For years, blockchain technology has been heralded for its potential to transform industries and create business efficiencies, with potential...

Thomas A McGrath, Jonathan Ford, Joshua Ashley Klayman, Ben Bauer, Marie-Marie de Fays.

Lifting the veil on antitrust questions arising in the distribution of esports: mandatory commissions

USA - January 28 2020 With a global annual revenue estimated at $1.5 billion in 2019, electronic sports (“eSports”) or professional video gaming, is a flourishing industry...

Fredrik Lowhagen, Sinziana Ianc, Anand Patel, Marie-Marie de Fays.

Year in review, Year to come United States Law - December 2019

USA - December 10 2019 There have been a wide range of changes to legislation and regulation across the U.S. including important developments in the areas of capital...

Adam Lurie, Danelle Le Cren, Jacques Schillaci, Jonathan Ching, Brenda DiLuigi, Jeff Cohen, Tom Shropshire, Jason Manketo, Pam Shores, Thomas A McGrath, Scott Sonnenblick, Jerome Roche, Joshua Ashley Klayman, Jonathan Gafni.

Can’t pay? Won’t pay! US DOJ issues guidance for inability-to-pay claims

USA - October 18 2019 The US DOJ takes the view that criminal fines should sting but should not be so large as to put companies out of business or otherwise threaten their...

Adam Lurie, Doug Davison, Matthew Axelrod, Sean Mooney, Patrick Ashby.

Employing Antitrust: Spotlight on Labor Markets in the Digital Economy

USA - October 14 2019 While antitrust issues in the employment context have often been overlooked, they have been pulled firmly into the spotlight recently in the US by a...

John Eichlin, January Kim.