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English Court of Appeal finds that the Arbitration Act s.44(2)(a) applies to third-parties

United Kingdom - May 7 2020 In A, B v C, D, E [2020] EWCA Civ 409 (“A v C”), the Court of Appeal (“CoA”) held that the Court’s powers in support of arbitral proceedings under…

Sersha Godfrey, Matthew Weiniger

Drafting for virtual hearings in arbitration: Helping to keep matters moving in light of COVID-19

United Kingdom - April 16 2020 Due to COVID-19, we now find ourselves in unique and unprecedented circumstances in many aspects of our lives. This includes, as examined in our…

Jacqueline Chaplin, Reyna Ge, Stephen Lacey

Conducting arbitration remotely in the wake of COVID-19: the Seoul Protocol on Video Conferencing in International Arbitration

Global - March 23 2020 The spread of COVID-19 is obviously affecting the way in which companies conduct international business. It will also impact the way in which they…

Alexander Fawke

Covid-19 - A UK guide to significant commercial and legal issues

United Kingdom - March 10 2020 The rapid spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) is a public health challenge that has affected more than 110,000 individuals globally. It has…

Pauline Ashall, Christa Band, Kym Bavcevich-Ikeda, Peter Bevan, Richard Bussell, Tom Cassels, Emma Cochrane, Rory Conway, John Crozier, Richard Cumbley, Julian Cunningham-Day, Marly Didizian, Neil Dixon, Satindar Dogra, Ben Dulieu, Mirit Ehrenstein, Jasper Evans, Iain Fenn, Simon Firth, Adam Freeman, Toby Grimstone, Vanessa Havard-Williams, Benedict James, Rebecca Jarvis, Nicole Kar, Elaine Keats, Simon Kerr-Davis, Georgina Kon, Annette Kurdian, John Lane, Jane Larner, Richard Levy, Fredrik Lowhagen, Jason Manketo, Louise Mason, Raza Naeem, Jillian Naylor, Richard O'Callaghan, Cecil Quillen, Nicola Rabson, Wilma Rix, Patrick Robinson, Doug Shaw, Pam Shores, Tom Shropshire, Deepak Sitlani, Philip Spittal, Catherine Wade, Carson Welsh

English High Court confirms the limits of Arbitration Act s.44 against third-parties regardless of domicile

United Kingdom - March 6 2020 In A, B v C, D, E [2020] EWHC 258 (Comm) ("A v C"), the English High Court held that its powers in support of arbitral proceedings under section 44…

Sersha Godfrey, Matthew Weiniger