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Collas Crill explains... disguised or unintended distributions

Jersey - September 16 2019 Jersey is a popular place to establish an asset holding company because the Law is modern, flexible and modelled on English companies legislation…

Christine Fox, Dilmun Leach, Mike Williams, Fiona Wilson

Collas Crill explains...corporate benefit in related party banking transactions

Jersey - September 10 2019 A feature of many banking transactions involving a Jersey company is that the company is required to give a guarantee and/or third party security to…

Christine Fox, Mike Williams

Capital call facilities - All Change?

Guernsey, Jersey - June 19 2019 A recent case, and perhaps the only fund finance case, at least to the authors' knowledge, has seen some lenders rush to close a fund finance…

Sean Cheong, Joss Morris, Alex Wickens, Mike Williams