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COVID-19 Reopening Issues: Taking Advantage of the State Immunities Whether or Not Your State Has Enacted COVID-19 Immunities Legislation

USA - July 9 2020 Reopening the economy has had mixed results. Many types of businesses have reopened without triggering outbreaks in COVID-19. But, bars and other…

Jon Neiditz, Burleigh L. Singleton

Georgia Legislature Passes Broad COVID-19 Immunities Legislation

USA - June 29 2020 On Friday, June 26, 2020, the Georgia Legislature passed a broad COVID-19 immunities bill that applies to health care providers and other business…

Gunjan R. Talati

The Philadelphia Commerce Court Establishes a Temporary Financial Monitor Program

USA - June 24 2020 On June 22, 2020, the Commerce Court issued an order creating the Commerce Court Temporary Financial Monitor Program to provide a forum for local…

Burleigh L. Singleton

COVID-19 Reopening Guide

USA - May 28 2020 Navigating the decision as to when to reopen businesses may be just as daunting as navigating the closures caused by the pandemic. Resuming business…

Julie A. Lierly, Christopher M. Caiaccio, Leah M. Farmer, Yendelela Neely Holston, Courtney M Lynch, Jon Neiditz, Gunjan R. Talati

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Force Majeure Defenses Under Illinois Law

USA - May 4 2020 We previously wrote about the contract defenses that business may rely on when an epidemic or government orders impairs contractual performance (here…

Jason M. Wenker, Tayah Woodard