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The Future of FFCRA: 2021 Brings a Shift from Mandatory to Voluntary Leave through March

USA - December 29 2020 After months of negotiations, on December 22, 2020, Congress overwhelmingly passed a bi-partisan COVID-19 relief package - the Consolidated…

Christopher M. Caiaccio, Leah M. Farmer

Broad Moratorium on Residential Evictions Issued by the CDC Faces Judicial Challenge

USA - September 21 2020 On September 4, 2020, the Center For Disease Control (the “CDC”) issued a broad, nationwide, moratorium on residential evictions on the basis that it…

Eugene Paul Caiola, John C. Livingston

COVID-19: Chart of State Immunity Statutes

USA - July 31 2020 With uncertainty surrounding efforts in the Senate to enact broad COVID-19-related immunity for all schools, colleges, charities and businesses in the…

Leah M. Farmer, Jon Neiditz

COVID-19: School Reopening Jujitsu For Employers

USA - July 27 2020 A significant challenge for reopening the economy and returning to “normalcy” during the COVID-19 pandemic is addressing whether, when, and how…

Leah M. Farmer, Yendelela Neely Holston, Jon Neiditz

Masks and COVID-19: Statewide Requirements and Recommendations

USA - July 14 2020 The CDC “recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public Settings and when around people that don’t live in your household, Especially…

Leah M. Farmer, Jon Neiditz