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Top 10 Things Corporate Attorneys Should Know About Insurance

USA - February 16 2017 Almost every corporate transaction — mergers, purchase and sales, real estate matters, among others — involves some “insurance” related issues. They…

William T. Um.

Considering the greater effects of hurricanes and other catastrophes when calculating policyholders’ business interruption losses

USA - October 16 2015 In the classic film Forrest Gump, after Forrest returned from the Vietnam War, he honored a wartime promise he had made to his deceased friend Bubba…

Gregory M. Jacobs.

Immediate steps to take to pursue and to preserve insurance coverage for South Carolina storm-related losses

USA - October 9 2015 Businesses that have been affected by the recent South Carolina storms, or that rely on customers or suppliers that operate in the affected area…

Julie A. Lierly, David L. Cox, Barry J. Fleishman, Caroline W. Spangenberg.

Policyholders positively Fluor-ed by the California Supreme Court's about-face on anti-assignment clauses in insurance policies

USA - September 9 2015 Overruling a "landmark" decision that had placed California at odds with several other jurisdictions and contravened its own statutory law, the…

Julie A. Lierly, Heather W. Habes.

20 questions when your vendor’s cyber-coverage matters

USA - August 29 2015 Contracts with tech vendors increasingly include requirements of cyber-risk insurance coverage, but where the value and risks associated with the…

Barry J. Fleishman, Jon Neiditz.