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Employees’ online endorsements can result in employer liability

USA - January 6 2010 Employees’ blogs and social-networking websites raise a number of potential legal issues for employers, but recently issued Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") guidelines on product endorsements reveal a largely unforeseen risk: employer liability for false or misleading advertising stemming from employees’ online postings about their employers’ products or services.

Randall D. Avram, Barry M. Benjamin, Louis W. Doherty

California Prohibits Employers from Requiring Out-of-State Litigation and Arbitration

USA - September 27 2016 On September 25, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed into law a new state statute that, in most instances, prohibits agreements requiring…

Randall D. Avram, Russell A. Jones, Craig A. McDougal, Susan W. Pangborn, James Smith

Department of Labor issues final rules on NLRA posting requirements

USA - May 20 2010 Executive Order 13496, signed by President Obama shortly after he took office, requires certain federal contractors and subcontractors to post notices informing employees of their rights under "Federal labor laws."

John W. Alden, Randall D. Avram, Louis W. Doherty

President Obama signs Executive Order requiring disclosure of labor and employment law violations

USA - August 1 2014 On July 31, 2014, President Obama signed the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order, which will require bidders for covered federal contracts…

Randall D. Avram, Russell A. Jones, Linda Usoz

OSHA amends notice requirements for employees exposed to hexavalent chromium

USA - March 17 2010 Many employers in the construction industry, many shipyards, and some employers in other industries are subject to Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA") standards covering workplace exposure to hexavalent chromium, a potentially harmful substance.

John W. Alden, Randall D. Avram, Louis W. Doherty