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Impacts of Australia’s proposed Foreign Relations Bill

Australia - September 10 2020 The federal government's proposed Australia's Foreign Relations (State and Territory) Arrangements Bill 2020 (Foreign Relations Bill) would have…

Amanda Story, David Moore, Jeremy Blackshaw, Mellissa Lai, Michelle Power, Tom Fletcher, Virginia Briggs.

Higher education third party provider viability risk during COVID-19

USA - April 27 2020 Nowadays, many universities partner with third parties in the private sector to enrol and deliver (or assist in the delivery of) courses to students…

Catherine Macrae, Tom Fletcher.

COVID-19: additional funding and further restrictions

USA - March 30 2020 On 29 March, the Prime Minister announced further restrictions and additional funding to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nicole Morgan.

COVID-19 How will Australias public health emergency powers affect you

Australia - March 28 2020 The Federal, State and Territory powers to respond to public…

Health care Complaints Commission v Wardle [2019] NSWCATOD 172

Australia - November 21 2019 The respondent, a practising psychologist, engaged in multiple boundary violations with two patients. The respondent terminated his therapeutic…

Christopher Sweet, Kate Plowman, Lisa Ridd, Mark Williams, Michael Brennan, Noelia Boscana, Penelope Eden, Sarah Lark, Shane Evans.