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Coronavirus: Managing the impact on your business and workers

Australia - March 10 2020 Given the recent increase in reports regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) across Australia and the increasing risk of a pandemic…

Megan McKenry, Amy Walsh

Start managing sexual harassment in the workplace differently

Australia - February 23 2021 Start managing sexual harassment in the workplace differently. Safework Australia has released its guide on preventing workplace sexual harassment. We…

Amanda Watt

Navigating the Real Estate Industry Horizons: Revitalising our cities and building resilience

United Kingdom - December 13 2021 As the Real Estate industry moves into the next phase, it is coming to grips with an ever changing landscape as people, spaces, and purpose align to…

Wissam Abwi, Cameron Charlton, Carla Deluca, Paul Kallenbach, Adrian Rich, Donna Worthington

What you need to know about the JobKeeper Announcement

Australia - July 23 2020 On 21 July 2020 the Government announced that it will be extending the JobKeeper scheme until 28 March 2021…

Vanessa Elias, Amy Walsh, Gordon Williams

Understanding the COVID-19 'JobKeeper Payments'

Australia - March 31 2020 Many employers have been considering workforce changes to address the economic downturn and cash flow issues caused by COVID-19. Yesterday's…

Courtney Chan, Kate Plowman, Gordon Williams