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WA Parliament's sexual harassment report calls for significant cultural shift in the mining industry

Australia - July 7 2022 The Committee tabled its long-awaited Report, 'Enough is Enough', following its inquiry into sexual harassment in the mining industry on 23 June 2022…

Amanda Watt, Craig Boyle, Madelyn Balinski

Local Governments to move to State IR System from 1 January 2023

Australia - April 11 2022 The IR Act has already been amended to include specific provisions which will apply to facilitate the move of WA local governments from the Federal…

Kylie Groves

Recent amendments to the Local Government Act in WA and new regulations

Australia - February 8 2021 New model standards for the recruitment, performance review and termination of local government CEOs and new requirements for local government codes…

Prevot van der Merwe

What the Stay at Home and Closure Direction in Western Australia means for business

Australia - February 1 2021 A simple summary of what the lockdown means for business in Western Australia and what you can do…

Matthew Knox

Putting the 'fair' back into the Fair Work Act: the High Court rules on paid personal leave

Australia - August 18 2020 The majority of the High Court of Australia has upheld the employer's appeal of the Federal Court's decision regarding the calculation of paid…

Craig Boyle, Jennifer Flinn