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Rapid Antigen testing

Australia - August 27 2021 Rapid Antigen Tests are now being used as part of Australia's response to COVID-19. We explore how they are being used during their pilot phase…

Cyber Security reforms | 6 key proposals

Australia - July 21 2021 The Australian Government is consulting on regulatory changes targeted at improving the country's cybersecurity infrastructure and readiness…

Siegfried Clarke

TGA to expand regulatory oversight of personalised medical devices

Australia - April 22 2021 Some previously exempt custom-made and personalised medical devices (including some 3D printed devices) are now subject to new regulatory…

Vanessa Mellis, Sonja Read, Claire Slunecko

Regulatory changes for software based medical devices

Australia - February 11 2021 Software now plays a crucial role in most industries and sectors across the developed world. Digital platforms are critical to the performance…

Sonja Read

Privacy Act Review: Seven key considerations for the healthcare industry

Australia - November 23 2020 The Attorney-General's Department's new Issues Paper in relation to its Review of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) has some important considerations for…

Sonja Read, Michael Thomas