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Significant amendments to the Model WHS Act: What you need to know

Australia - June 24 2022 On 6 June 2022, Safe Work Australia announced a range of amendments to the model WHS laws…

Dimity Leahy, Deanna McMaster

COVID-19: Common employment issues following increased NSW restrictions

Australia - July 19 2021 Following the NSW Government’s announcement over the weekend, we answer some of the key questions about standing down impacted employees in NSW....

Gordon Williams

Incident notification during COVID-19: What employers need to know across Australia

Australia - April 8 2020 Read more on the important change to OHS laws in Victoria, in connection with COVID-19. We cover the position across Australia. There has been an…

Cassandra Collier, Deanna McMaster

COVID-19: Immediate workplace needs and planning for the future

Australia - April 6 2020 COVID-19 is having a huge impact on Australian workplaces. In some respects, universities have been dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 for a lot…

Jennifer Bourke, Megan McKenry

Court of Appeal confirms an occupiers common law duty of care to third party

Australia - December 5 2019 We discuss the implications that arise in respect of an occupier's duty of care from the recent decision of D'Arcy v Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty…

David Paterson, Todd Woodland