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Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill introduced to Parliament

Australia - October 28 2022 The anticipated Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill was introduced to Parliament this week. Despite Opposition resistance, the government considers the…

Ceri Honer, Berta Nagy, Naa Sackey

Boycott agreements between contractors and unions in the construction industry

Australia - October 28 2022 The ACCC's attention to the construction industry may increase now that it is clear the ABCC is likely to be abolished - and will, in any event, have…

Kathy Reid, Toby Walthall

Federal Budget 2022/23: Workplace and migration Implications

Australia - October 26 2022 The Albanese Government delivered its first Budget on 25 October 2022. In it, the government announced new measures around paid parental leave…

Nick Biscoe, Anna Gunning-Stevenson, Ceri Honer, Taya Hunt

Significant changes to the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016

Australia - August 23 2022 The Federal Government has moved swiftly to implement its election promise to abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC)…

Kathy Reid, Toby Walthall

Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill is now law

Australia - August 12 2022 The Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill represents the largest proposed workplace relations reform since the Fair Work Act commenced. We break down the…

Gareth Jolly, Ryan Murphy, Kathy Reid, Toby Walthall, Callum Young