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WA Parliament's sexual harassment report calls for significant cultural shift in the mining industry

Australia - July 7 2022 The Committee tabled its long-awaited Report, 'Enough is Enough', following its inquiry into sexual harassment in the mining industry on 23 June 2022…

Amanda Watt, Madelyn Balinski, Kathy Reid

Mining sector facing impacts of rising costs and macro pressures - MinterEllison report

Australia - March 10 2022 Labour shortages for skilled and unskilled workers remains a critical industry challenge There is more commitment and effort to prevent sexual…

David Suttner

2020 Year in Review Work Health and Safety Developments in Western Australia

Australia - February 1 2021 Last year saw many changes to the work health and safety landscape in Western Australia, signalling a shift to what we expect will be an increased…

Rob Humphreys, Chloe Siviour

WA Parliament passes Work Health and Safety Act 2020 - What does this mean for your business?

Australia - November 16 2020 The WA Parliament has now passed the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 (WHS Act), 12 years after the WA Government agreed to introduce harmonised work…

Kylie Groves, Chloe Siviour

Putting the 'fair' back into the Fair Work Act: the High Court rules on paid personal leave

Australia - August 18 2020 The majority of the High Court of Australia has upheld the employer's appeal of the Federal Court's decision regarding the calculation of paid…

Jennifer Flinn, Kathy Reid