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‘Super stapling’ is here! What employers need to do

Australia - September 24 2021 Here we explain how 'super stapling' works and the steps employers need to take to ensure they comply with the new rules.…

Andrew Bradley, Gordon Williams

The COVIDSafe app - five key considerations

Australia - April 28 2020 Australian public health agencies have heralded the app as an important tool for continuing to control the spread of COVID-19 in Australia.…

Alex Consiglio, Paul Kallenbach, Susan Kantor, Sonja Read, Helaena Short

The Impact of Lee v Superior Wood

Australia - May 17 2019 A recent decision by the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission may seriously complicate the way employers collect personal information from…

Mikayla Durham

From body cameras to self-analysing toilets - Privacy considerations with new technologies in the workplace

Australia - May 21 2017 Many of our clients introduce new Technologies into their workforce with the aim of improving safety - recently we have seen employers, ranging from…

Veronica Scott

Facebook and employee privacy - how far can an employer delve into an employee's social media posts?

Australia - November 10 2016 Last week, in Jurecek v Director, Transport Safety Victoria [2016] VSC 285, the Victorian Supreme Court considered difficult issues when dealing with…

Craig Boyle, Dan Williams