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10 emerging trends for the real estate industry

Australia - August 9 2022 In 2022 so far, the real estate market has continued to prove its resilience in the face of economic and geo-political uncertainty, highlighting…

Carla Deluca, Julie Purbrick

Navigating the Real Estate Industry Horizons: Revitalising our cities and building resilience

United Kingdom - December 13 2021 As the Real Estate industry moves into the next phase, it is coming to grips with an ever changing landscape as people, spaces, and purpose align to…

Wissam Abwi, Cameron Charlton, Carla Deluca, Kristy Edser, Paul Kallenbach, Donna Worthington

Queensland Government to ban combustible cladding

Australia - July 7 2019 The Queensland Government has announced its proposal to ban all aluminium composite panels with a polyethylene (PE) core of greater than 30 per cent…

Michael Creedon, Jeanette Barbaro, Richard Crawford, Tom French, Andrew Hales, Petrina Macpherson, Peter Wood