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The 2020 Global MNC Tax Complexity Project

Global, Ireland - January 13 2022 The 2020 Global Multinational Corporation Tax Complexity Project (the Project) has now been made available at https://www.taxcomplexity.org/ The…

Brian Duffy

Employer Successfully Defends Mandatory Retirement Age Policy

Ireland - December 6 2021 A mandatory retirement age (MRA) obliges an employee to retire at a particular age. An employer may provide for an MRA explicitly in the employee's…

Jeffrey Greene, Richard Smith

Publication of the Sick Leave Bill 2021

Ireland - November 15 2021 Ireland is one of the few advanced European countries without a statutory mandatory employer sick pay scheme. While many employers provide sick pay…

Nuala Clayton, Catherine O'Flynn, Lisa Shannon

Irish Tax Measures for 2021 in Response to COVID-19

Ireland - January 29 2021 Businesses and communities are dealing with many COVID-19 Related Issues that are causing severe business disruption. The Irish government has been…

Brian Duffy

COVID-19: Data Protection Issues When Video Conferencing

Ireland - April 9 2020 The use of video conferencing platforms such as Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom has increased significantly with the spread of COVID-19. This is due…

Anna Ní Uiginn, David Cullen, Leo Moore, John O'Connor