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Ep 1- Legal Professional Privilege: John Delaney & the Corporate Enforcement Authority

Ireland - December 9 2022 In Episode one our host Craig Sowman, Partner and head of the Sports and Entertainment Group, is joined by colleagues, Derek Hegarty, Partner and…

Derek Hegarty, Craig Sowman

UK High Court Blows the Whistle on Civil Liability for Negligent Sports Injuries

United Kingdom - June 2 2022 In December 2016, during a football match between the under 18 teams of Fulham Football Club (Fulham) and Swansea City Football Club (Swansea)…

Sean Cullen, Derek Hegarty, Craig Sowman

€100,000 Damages Award Against Unincorporated Golf Club That Failed To Apply Its Own Membership Rules

Ireland - December 10 2021 The High Court (Court) recently awarded substantial damages against an unincorporated golf club which failed to apply its own membership rules. A…

Karolina Rozhnova, Derek Hegarty, Craig Sowman

Athletes' Performance Data and Monetisation - Making Cents of It

Ireland - August 19 2021 Performance analysis is used widely by clubs and other major stakeholders in sports to evaluate and capture player performance based on objective…

David Cullen, Leo Moore, Karolina Rozhnova, Craig Sowman

Dublin to Host the 2024 Europa League Final: ESG Considerations

Global, Ireland - August 5 2021 UEFA confirmed that Dublin will host the 2024 Europa League Final in the Aviva Stadium. This appointment was made after Dublin lost its right to host…

Lorena Dunne, Derek Hegarty, Karolina Rozhnova, Craig Sowman