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Key steps in Dealing with "Dawn-Raids" by Irish and EU Competition Regulators and/or Central Bank

European Union, Ireland - July 31 2017 On 4 July 2017, a number of companies acting in the Irish motor insurance sector were subject to "dawn raids" by the European Commission…

Cormac Little SC

Breaking Bad; the Central Bank's Expectations of Senior Executive Accountability

Ireland - September 25 2020 Gráinne Varian, Catherine Carrigy and Lisa Shannonshare some insights in the area of Fitness & Probity to better understand the Central Bank's…

Catherine Carrigy, Gráinne Varian

Significant High Court Decision - a Cautionary Tale for Employers Dismissing during Probation

Ireland - July 14 2020 Traditionally, dismissals during probation have been considered relatively low risk by employers since the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC)…

Ailbhe Dennehy, Robert Glascott, Catherine O'Flynn

Significant Developments in the UK on the Extent of Employers' Vicarious Liability

United Kingdom - April 23 2020 Two significant decisions delivered by the UK Supreme Court in April 2020 will provide welcome relief to employers on the extent to which they can be…

Ailbhe Dennehy, Michelle Martin

Publication of the Sick Leave Bill 2021

Ireland - November 15 2021 Ireland is one of the few advanced European countries without a statutory mandatory employer sick pay scheme. While many employers provide sick pay…

Jack Feehan, Nuala Clayton, Catherine O'Flynn