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Irish Employment Law Developments 2023

Ireland - February 15 2023 For the first time, Ireland has legislated for an entitlement to sick pay for employees generally. The Act provides a scheme of statutory sick leave…

Jeffrey Greene, Catherine O'Flynn

Publication of the Sick Leave Bill 2021

Ireland - November 15 2021 Ireland is one of the few advanced European countries without a statutory mandatory employer sick pay scheme. While many employers provide sick pay…

Jack Feehan, Nuala Clayton, Catherine O'Flynn

The Future of How Ireland Works Part 4: The Central Bank is Getting SEARious about Individual Accountability

Ireland - December 11 2020 The Central Bank of Ireland (CBI), like other international regulators, has focussed on the capability and accountability of individuals performing…

Ailbhe Dennehy, Louise Harrison, Ciarán O'Brien

Breaking Bad; the Central Bank's Expectations of Senior Executive Accountability

Ireland - September 25 2020 Gráinne Varian, Catherine Carrigy and Lisa Shannonshare some insights in the area of Fitness & Probity to better understand the Central Bank's…

Catherine Carrigy, Gráinne Varian

How to Manage Pandemic-Related PCF Vacancies

Ireland - September 8 2020 Against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Central Bank of Ireland (the CBI) has put in place a streamlined and expedited process to…

John Aherne, Ailbhe Dennehy, Shane Kelleher