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Restriction of Directors: 'Passive Director' Defence Fails

Ireland - October 27 2022 In a recent decision, the Court of Appeal upheld a High Court finding, which granted a declaration under section 819 of the Companies Act 2014 (CA…

Fergus Doorly, Áine Murphy, Alice O'Connor, Ruairi Rynn

Directors' Duties: UK Supreme Court Rules on "Creditor Duty" for Directors

United Kingdom - October 21 2022 Under Irish and UK law, company directors owe fiduciary duties to act in good faith in the interests of the company. The company's interests in this…

Toby Boyd, Fergus Doorly, Gail Nohilly, Ruairi Rynn

Commission Confirms Ireland's Participation in Regulation Amending EIR Recast Annexes

European Union, Ireland - September 8 2022 Regulation (EU) 2021/2260 (Amending Regulation) was introduced to expand the scope of the application of EIR Recast, replacing its Annexes A and B…

Fergus Doorly, Gail Nohilly, Ruairi Rynn

Quick off the (Trade) Mark - Commercialising the Victory Dance in Sport

Ireland - September 1 2022 Victory in sport has resulted in many iconic celebratory expressions from athletes. These include Christiano Ronaldo's "Siu" celebration, Mo Farah's…

Derek Hegarty, Leo Moore, Sean Quinn

The Companies (Corporate Enforcement Authority) Act 2021: Insolvency-Related Amendments

Ireland - July 26 2022 The ODCE published its 2021 annual report in June of this year, which recorded a substantial reduction of 39% in insolvent liquidations during 2021…

Fergus Doorly, Áine Murphy, Gail Nohilly, Ruairi Rynn