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Swiss Federal Council Sets Forth Key Elements of a Swiss Investment Control Regime

Switzerland - August 30 2021 3 March 2020, in which it tasked the Swiss Government with proposing a draft bill for the introduction of foreign investment controls and the set…

Thiemo Sturny.

Doing Doing Business in Switzerland - A Practical Guide

Switzerland - June 5 2020 The CO is the main source of law for commercial contracts governed by substantive Swiss law. The…

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Switzerland to review introduction of foreign direct investment controls

Switzerland - March 8 2020 Inspired by recent global protectionist trends, including the tightening of…

Thiemo Sturny.

Newsletter No. 128

Switzerland - June 27 2019 Adjusted Disclosure Rules Under Swiss Corporate Law (GAFI-Rules); Criminal Sanctions Will Apply. The Swiss…

Dario Galli, Alexander Nikitine.