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Home office and taxes - what do companies with cross-border commuters have to consider?

Germany - August 7 2020 As one of the consequences of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies intro-duced or greatly expanded work from the Home Office. In…

Dr. Gerd Seeliger, Heiko Wunderlich

Homeoffice und Steuern - was müssen Betriebe mit Grenzgängern beachten?

Germany - August 7 2020 Bedingt durch den Ausbruch der Covid-19 Pandemie ist in vielen Betrieben die Beschäftigung im Homeoffice eingeführt oder stark ausgebaut worden…

Dr. Gerd Seeliger, Heiko Wunderlich

Reduction of value-added tax - what do you need to know?

Germany - June 12 2020 As part of the economic stimulus package, the German government has decided, among other measures, to reduce the value-added tax (VAT) for a period…

Heiko Wunderlich

Steuerpflicht für Sachgeschenke

Germany - February 5 2020 „Influencer-Marketing“ ist ein aktueller Trend in der Werbewelt. Es ist mittlerweile üblich, dass Unternehmen Influencer für Werbezwecke anfragen und…

Corinna Sobottka

Tax liability for gifts in kind

Germany - February 5 2020 “Influencer marketing” is a current trend in the advertising world. It is now common for companies to use influencers for advertising purposes and…

Corinna Sobottka