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to the point: Gesellschafts- und Unternehmensrecht | Q1 2021

Austria - March 18 2021 Dieser Legal Insight hat ursprünglich den Ministerialentwurf vom 16.09.2020 behandelt, wurde aber aufgrund der sich aus der Regie…

Marija Blagojevic, Linda Černá, Gabriel Ebner, Manuel Ritt-Huemer

The legal effects of the approval of management and supervisory board members’ actions

Austria - September 17 2012 Is the approval of board member actions an effective relief from liability or a mere formality?

Clemens Spitznagel

Advantages of establishing a company's headquarters in Austria: Part 1

Austria - February 6 2012 Choosing or changing a multinational company's headquarters involves considerations of quality of living and political stability in addition to economic and legal issues.

Stephan Frotz