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(Be)sicher(t) durch die Insolvenz?

Austria - May 10 2021 Forderungen von Absonderungsgläubigern sind insgesamt auf den Wert der jeweiligen Sicherheit im Zeitpunkt der Bestätigung eines Sanierungsplans…

Miriam Simsa

Supreme Court finds insolvency related avoidance claims assignable - Austria

Austria - October 7 2019 The Austrian Supreme Court has recently found that insolvency related avoidance claims can be sold. This may open a whole new business segment and…

Philipp Wetter

Management's liability for payments upon onset of insolvency

Austria - July 18 2019 A financial crisis and situations where insolvency is imminent are not only challenging for a company and its management, but also entail significant…

Philipp Wetter

Austria: Public liability based on incorrect land register entries is limited

Austria - June 4 2019 Incorrect land register entries may trigger public liability. But in a recent decision the Austrian Supreme Court (1 Ob 198/18a) held that incorrect…

Miriam Simsa, Clemen Stegner

Austria: Responsibility to investigate - an update on avoidance risks

Austria - April 5 2018 Following the opening of insolvency proceedings, the insolvency receiver typically tries to enlarge the insolvency estate by asserting voidance claims…

Philipp Wetter