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Commencing proceedings against a Cayman Islands company in liquidation: having a case worth entertaining

Cayman Islands - February 18 2021 The Grand Court of the Cayman Islands (the "Grand Court") recently considered the statutory moratorium against commencing proceedings against a Cayman…

Sam Keogh.

Third Party Litigation Funding and Private Funding of Legal Services Act - Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands - January 27 2021 On Monday 14 December 2020, the Cayman Islands Parliament passed the landmark Private Funding of Legal Services Act 2020 (the Act). The Act was…

Marc Kish.

Cayman Islands Court of Appeal enforces foreign arbitral award in favour of Brazilian airline

Cayman Islands - August 14 2020 The Court of Appeal of the Cayman Islands has overturned the earlier decision of the Grand Court, thereby allowing the enforcement of a…

Anna Snead, Marc Kish.

To pay, or not to pay, that is the question: Do tenants who cannot use their properties because of COVID-19 still have to pay rent?

Cayman Islands - April 28 2020 These are strange times. Across the Cayman Islands, stores, bars, offices, gyms, industrial premises and most other places of business are closed…

Not in dispute - why Cayman leads in cross-border dispute resolution, and how the sector evolves

United Kingdom - February 20 2019 Each year, legal disputes over assets worth many billions of dollars worldwide are resolved in courtrooms and boardrooms in the Cayman Islands. The…

Marc Kish.