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Nolan v. Minerva: trustees and dishonest assistance

Jersey - September 8 2014 In Nolan v. Minerva Trust & Others [2014] JRC 078A, the Royal Court delivered a salutary reminder of the high standards by which…

£550,000 fine for Jersey trust company demonstrates importance of effective and consistent anti-money laundering procedures

Jersey, United Kingdom - March 17 2021 In a recent judgment the Royal Court (Court) has imposed a hefty £550,000 fine on a firm for failing to ensure that, in practice, its AML policies…

Daniel Maine, Matthew Shaxson.

Clarification in Jersey on the law relating to bribery and constructive trusteeship litigation

Jersey, United Kingdom - December 20 2013 A recent decision of the Royal Court, Lloyds Trust Co (CI) Limited v. Fragoso [2013] JRC 211, has clarified the basis upon which professional…

Beneficiaries apply for beddoes relief

Jersey - October 31 2012 This case involved an application to the Royal Court of Jersey for beddoes relief by beneficiaries of a trust, so that they could pursue breach of trust claims against the incumbent trustee at the expense of the trust fund and without personal costs exposure

Edward Mackereth, Marcus Leese.

Exclusive and inherent jurisdictions: to boldly go where no court has gone before?

Jersey - November 28 2014 On 26 November 2014, the Privy Council delivered judgment in the long-running case of Crociani & Others v. Crociani & Others [2014] UKPC 40…