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Russian countersanctions: Listed persons must be sued in Russia

Russia, USA - June 10 2020 After all initiatives for drastic countermeasures to respond to the US/EU sanctions (criminal liability for sanctions compliance, comprehensive…

Hannes Lubitzsch

Russische Gegensanktionen: Gelistete Personen müssen in Russland verklagt werden

Russia, USA - June 10 2020 Nachdem sämtliche Initiativen für einschneidende Gegenmaßnahmen als Antwort auf die US/EU-Sanktionen (Strafbarkeit von Sanktionsbefolgung…

Hannes Lubitzsch

Russian Supreme Court clarifications on COVID-19

Russia - April 24 2020 On 21 April 2020, the Russian Supreme Court issued clarifications addressing various issues related to COVID-19 (“Clarifications”). Terms of…

Anna Fufurina

Noerr Corona Crisis Center: Executive Summary for Russia 17 April 2020

Russia - April 17 2020 The confirmed number of persons in Russia infected with SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19 (Corona) exceeds 32,000. Many people and enterprises are affected by…

Vyacheslav Khayryuzov, Hannes Lubitzsch, Olga Mokhonko, Björn Paulsen, Dr. Vladislav Skvortsov, Maxim Vladimirov, Stefan Wolfgang Weber, Vyacheslav Yugai

The Russian government introduces a moratorium on bankruptcy

Russia - April 10 2020 The Russian Federation continues to take measures aimed at reducing the negative impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on businesses. On 1…

Artem Kara