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Q&A: enforcement of dominance rules in Ireland

Ireland - March 12 2021 A look at how the competition authorities in Ireland enforce provisions governing abuse of dominance, including sanctions, procedures and appeals.

In brief: abuse of dominance in Ireland

Ireland - March 12 2021 A quick look at the key legal and regulatory provisions governing abuse of dominance in Ireland, including the types of conduct that constitute abuse and available defences.

Irish merger control regime: 10 key trends for 2021

European Union, Ireland, United Kingdom - February 18 2021 While 2021 remains marked by uncertainty due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is set to be another busy year for the Irish merger…

Calum Warren, Kate McKenna.

Irish Merger Control Update: Key Findings from the CCPC’s M&A Report 2020

European Union, Ireland, United Kingdom - January 14 2021 The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission ("CCPC") has published its annual Mergers & Acquisitions Report for 2020 (the "Report"), providing…

Calum Warren, Kate McKenna.

FDI Screening: EU Investment Screening Framework and Latest Irish Developments

European Union, Ireland - November 18 2020 The EU Investment Screening Regulation became fully operational across the EU on 11 October 2020. Within the newly established EU framework, the…

Calum Warren.