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Essential Elements: The Master Trust

Ireland - April 21 2021 Outside of the pensions industry, many will be unfamiliar with the concept of the master trust. As the name suggests it is a type of occupational…

Patrick O’Connor.

Bankruptcy & Pensions Revisited: The O’Neill Judgment

Ireland - March 16 2021 Mr. O’Neill held a Buy-Out-Bond (BOB) with a pension provider. The retirement options were standard for such a product; allowing for the purchase of…

Patrick O’Connor.

A Pensions Panacea? The Benefits of Saving for Retirement

European Union, Ireland - March 11 2021 The European Central Bank has maintained a negative rates policy since 2014 to manage a period of protracted economic weakness caused initially by the…

Patrick O’Connor.

UK Pensions Spotlight: The Pension Schemes Act 2021 - A Comparative View

Ireland, United Kingdom - March 3 2021 At the time of writing, the UK Pension Schemes Act 2021 has just passed through parliament and been granted Royal Assent. The introduction of criminal…

Patrick O’Connor.

A Welcome Outcome: New Regulations for UK Members of Irish Pensions

Ireland, United Kingdom - February 26 2021 The Occupational Pension Schemes (United Kingdom Members) Regulations 2020 (Regulations) came into effect on 31 December last. The Regulations allow…

Patrick O’Connor.