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Record Keeping for Fast Growth Companies - Are Your Records up to Date?

Ireland - August 23 2021 Running a company as if a potential buyer is looking over your shoulder is an effective way to ensure that up to date and compliant records are…

Claire Lord, Nicholas Metcalfe, David O’Donnell

Removal of Directors Under Section 146 of the Companies Act 2014

Ireland - June 22 2021 Regardless of any provisions on the removal of directors in a company’s constitution, a company may always remove a director from office using the…

Laura Kearney, Claire Lord, Nicholas Metcalfe

Corporate Governance: Is Your Business “Sale Ready”?

Global, Ireland - September 3 2020 Corporate simplification is a method of removing companies from your corporate structure to “tidy it up”. A simplified structure is more likely to be…

Claire Lord, David O’Donnell

Is Your Company Model Structurally Sound?

Ireland - August 27 2020 Many businesses in the built environment sector, and the industries within it such as construction and real estate have historically employed the use…

Claire Lord

The Hidden Benefits of Corporate Simplification

Ireland - July 9 2020 Many organisations have unnecessarily complex corporate structures. In our experience, this often includes several dormant or relatively inactive…

Claire Lord