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COVID-19: Increasing Risk of Cyber Fraud

European Union, Ireland, United Kingdom - March 31 2020 The global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues to impact our society in many ways. In particular, it has fundamentally changed the way in which…

Audrey Byrne, Karyn Harty

UK Application to Join Lugano Convention following Brexit: An Update

European Union, Ireland, United Kingdom - May 7 2021 The UK faces opposition from the European Commission in its bid to join the Lugano Convention. As discussed in an earlier article,1 with the exit of…

Seán Barton, Bébhinn Bollard, Judith Lawless

Malicious Abuse of the Court Process

Ireland, United Kingdom - June 2 2017 The Commercial Court has recently dismissed a claim for malicious abuse of the court process (sometimes, incorrectly, referred to as malicious…

Brian Quigley

COVID-19: The Importance of D&O Insurance in a Crisis

Ireland - May 5 2020 As businesses face increasing and unique challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, directors are under closer scrutiny which heightens the…

Roddy Bourke, Catherine Derrig, Helen Kilroy, Brian Quigley, Katie Ryan

EU Sanctions Targeting Russia: Further Developments

European Union, Ireland, Russia - June 28 2022 Our earlier briefing (here) outlined key restrictive measures targeting Russia introduced by the EU in early March. In this briefing, we take stock of…

Philip Andrews, Audrey Byrne, Darragh Murphy, Fiona O'Beirne, Joanne O'Rourke, Peter Osborne