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Court of Appeal Grants Discovery to Advance Conspiracy Claim

Ireland - June 21 2021 The Court of Appeal has recently indicated that when seeking discovery some latitude will be allowed around the particularisation of pleadings…

Megan Hooper

No Mere Fishing Expedition: Court Orders Non-Party Discovery against State Agencies

Ireland - September 11 2020 The High Court has rejected arguments, in the course of defamation proceedings, by two State bodies that non-party discovery should not be ordered…

Ciara FitzGerald, Karyn Harty, Harry Oulton

Court Recognises Need for Leeway in Listing of Source Protection Documents

Ireland - September 7 2020 The question of the scope of the discovery that a publisher should have to make in a defamation action is often contentious, particularly where a plea…

Audrey Byrne, Karyn Harty, Harry Oulton

Central Bank Enforcement Action into Cyber Frauds Highlights Mandatory Reporting

Ireland - September 4 2020 Ireland’s mandatory reporting obligations have broad reach and failure to comply with them is a criminal offence. Section 19 of the Criminal Justice…

Bébhinn Bollard, Audrey Byrne, Ciara FitzGerald, Karyn Harty

Supreme Court Expands Scope of Harassment to Offensive Online Posts

Ireland - September 4 2020 Since the emergence of online publication, social media platforms and their users have been subject to a diverse range of litigation. Many of these…

Bébhinn Bollard, Audrey Byrne, Ciara FitzGerald, Karyn Harty