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English Courts Narrow the Scope of Litigation Privilege

Ireland, United Kingdom - January 11 2019 The English Courts have recently signalled the continuance of a restrictive approach to privilege through two recent cases, despite the decision of…

Bébhinn Bollard

Litigation funding - new rules on the way?

European Union, Ireland - September 21 2022 The Irish Government has signalled that it will legislate to permit third party funding of international commercial arbitration. Europe has also…

Seán Barton, Bébhinn Bollard, Catherine Derrig, Heather Mahon

COVID-19: Increasing Risk of Cyber Fraud

European Union, Ireland, United Kingdom - March 31 2020 The global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues to impact our society in many ways. In particular, it has fundamentally changed the way in which…

Michael Coonan, Karyn Harty

Irish Bribery Law: Change is Coming

Ireland - June 22 2016 The new Irish Government has reaffirmed its commitment to updating and modernising the anti-bribery laws in its recently published Legislation…

Karyn Harty, Imelda Higgins, Megan Hooper

Diversity and Inclusion must add up for Successful Governance

United Kingdom - September 24 2020 It has been recognised that one of the most effective ways to enhance corporate governance is by having a diverse board. In the past decade many…

Frances Bleahene, Mary Brassil, David Byers