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Creditor secures appointment of High Court inspector to investigate alleged corporate fraud

Ireland - November 23 2022 The High Court has made an order appointing an inspector to investigate alleged fraud and unlawful activity by a company. It appears that this is the…

Heather Mahon, Áine Murphy

Progression of the Digital Services Act (the “DSA”) and Key Dates

European Union, Ireland - November 3 2022 The Digital Services Act (“DSA”) was formally signed into law on 19 October 2022 and will be directly applicable in the EU from 16 November 2022. This…

Bébhinn Bollard, Lesley Caplin, Adam Finlay, Lara Finnegan

Litigation funding - new rules on the way?

European Union, Ireland - September 21 2022 The Irish Government has signalled that it will legislate to permit third party funding of international commercial arbitration. Europe has also…

Seán Barton, Bébhinn Bollard, Catherine Derrig, Heather Mahon

EU Sanctions Targeting Russia: Further Developments

European Union, Ireland, Russia - June 28 2022 Our earlier briefing (here) outlined key restrictive measures targeting Russia introduced by the EU in early March. In this briefing, we take stock of…

Philip Andrews, Michael Coonan, Darragh Murphy, Fiona O'Beirne, Joanne O'Rourke, Peter Osborne

Irish Court Gives Guidance on Damages for Defamation

Ireland - March 23 2022 The Supreme Court has recently laid down welcome guidance on the appropriate range of damages for different levels of defamation; on the central role…

Lesley Caplin, Karyn Harty