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Newsletter Real Estate - March 2023

Belgium, European Union, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland - March 13 2023 This newsletter is aimed at informing you about the legal, tax and regulatory developments, relevant for your business, in the Benelux and in…

Ariane Brohez, Imme Kam, Julien Lecler, Pauline Leegwater, Steven Lucas

2022 - Important Dutch tax developments for the Investment Management industry

Netherlands - November 30 2022 As we're nearing the end of the year, we are pleased to offer you an overview of relevant developments and year-end attention points for the…

Michiel Beudeker, Erik Kastrop, Jim Leijen, Marco de Lignie, Robert Veenhoven, Bartjan Zoetmulder

Tax trends and tips to look out for in 2021

Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland - November 26 2020 In February 2020, the OECD issued the report (‘Report’) with its final guidance on one of the most controversial topics in Transfer pricing: the…

Beat Baumgartner, Marcel Buur, Harmen van Dam, Natalie Reypens

Tips voor het Nederlandse familiebedrijf en de vermogende particulier (2020-2021)

Netherlands - November 5 2020 Breng vóór 2021 uw fiscale en juridische situatie in kaart In deze uitgave ‘Tips voor het Nederlandse familiebedrijf en de vermogende particulier’…

Peter Adriaansen, Beat Baumgartner, Nicolas Bertrand, Gerard Blokland, Guido Derckx, Livia Geissmann, Fred van der Leije, Jessica Litjens, Saskia Lust, Dirk-Jan Maasland, Mariëlle Nuijens, Pieter van Onzenoort, Tim van Straaten, Rick van der Velden, Pleuni Visser

Coronavirus raises VAT questions in Luxembourg

Luxembourg - May 14 2020 Many Luxembourg based businesses experience financial pressure due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. This, in turn, triggered a whole…

Olivier Coulon, Karin Finné, Viktoriia Khodyreva