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Les accords de poursuite suspendue du Canada ne sont toujours pas appliqués

Canada - December 10 2021 Les accords de poursuites suspendues (APS) ont été introduits dans les lois canadiennes en septembre 2018 dans le cadre d’un effort plus vaste du…

Lawrence E. Ritchie

A dynamic year for capital markets enforcement

Canada - December 8 2021 Despite ongoing pandemic-related slowdowns, 2021 saw significant capital markets enforcement activity from regulators and prosecutors, including…

Simon Cameron, Alexander Cobb, Jayne Cooke, Sarah Firestone, Lawrence E. Ritchie

A minefield of risk? Ontario court grants leave and certifies class for secondary market misrepresentation action

Canada - September 20 2021 Public issuers operating abroad can face difficult decisions in relation to the disclosure of risks and contingencies arising from their foreign…

Craig Lockwood

Global financial crime compliance costs are trending upwards. Is Canada catching up?

Canada - July 16 2021 Financial crime compliance costs have skyrocketed this past year, with the United States increasing total spending by $8.8 billion in 2020 alone, as…

Sam Dobbin, Lawrence E. Ritchie

First Merits Decision for Secondary Market Misrepresentation Class Action

Canada - March 8 2021 Until recently, Ontario courts had not considered on the merits a class action under the secondary market misrepresentation provisions of the Ontario…

Kevin O’Brien