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WKSI pilot program comes to Canada, plus issuers and registrants face extended OSC review timelines

Canada - December 9 2021 Canadian securities regulators announced two significant developments impacting Canadian capital markets participants this week. First, the Canadian…

James R. Brown, Rosalind Hunter, Desmond Lee

Potential Canadian implications of the Archegos fallout

Canada, USA - May 17 2021 Global bank losses following the Archegos Capital Management (Archegos) fallout have now surpassed $10 billion, prompting renewed focus in the U.S…

Alexander Gorka, Douglas Marshall, Emmanuel Pressman, Michael Sproule

U.S. securities law developments in 2020

USA - December 9 2020 In 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continued to focus on Streamlining and modernizing disclosure requirements and expanding access…

Jie Chai, Jason J. Comerford, Kelsey Weiner

Raising Capital in the United States: A Canadian Company’s Guide to Using MJDS for U.S. Public Offerings and Periodic Reporting

Canada, USA - November 12 2020 Canadian issuers frequently turn to the U.S. capital markets through the Multi-jurisdictional Disclosure System (the MJDS) for both financing needs…

Jason J. Comerford

Amendments to “at-the-market” equity offerings a welcome change

Canada - June 8 2020 On June 4, 2020, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) approved amendments to National Instrument 44-102 - Shelf Distributions (NI 44-102) and…

James R. Brown, Rosalind Hunter, Sandra Malcolm