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Competition Bureau confirms that it will not pursue no-poaching and wage-fixing agreements between competitors under the criminal provision of the Competition Act

Canada - November 30 2020 On November 27, 2020, the Competition Bureau (the Bureau) issued a statement confirming that no-poaching, wage-fixing, or other buy-side agreements…

Danielle Chu, Michelle Lally, Christopher Naudie, Chelsea Rubin

Canadian government temporarily extends national security review timelines

Canada - August 10 2020 On July 31, 2020, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry (Minister) issued a Ministerial Order [PDF] (the Order) pursuant to the Time…

Jessie Armour, Danielle Chu, Kaeleigh Kuzma, Michelle Lally, Shuli Rodal, Gajan Sathananthan

Canadian competition law merger enforcement: (almost) business as usual

Canada - July 15 2020 To say the first half of 2020 has been interesting from a competition law enforcement perspective is an understatement. Competition enforcement…

Danielle Chu, Kaeleigh Kuzma, Michelle Lally, Shuli Rodal, Gajan Sathananthan

Supply chain disruption: Planning for the long-term impact of the COVID-19 crisis

Canada - May 12 2020 This update provides answers to commonly asked questions to help address the broad range of legal and business issues that companies should consider…

Andraya Frith, Alan Kenigsberg, Paul Morassutti, Kelly O’Ferrall

Canada still open for business despite new COVID-19 policy

Canada - April 23 2020 An announcement made by the Government of Canada on April 18, 2020,[1] that certain foreign investments will be subject to enhanced scrutiny under…

Kaeleigh Kuzma, Michelle Lally