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Important developments to Canada’s food safety system

Canada - October 14 2014 The Safe Foods for Canadian Act (the Act), which received Royal Assent in November 2012, set the stage for important changes to Canada's food safety…

Mark Austin

New e-labelling rules for technology devices

Canada - October 14 2014 Effective October 3, 2014, Industry Canada revised labelling requirements for devices required to be certified or registered which have an integral…

Canada signs FATCA intergovernmental agreement with the United States

Canada, USA - February 6 2014 Canada and the United States announced on February 5, 2014, that they had signed a long-awaited intergovernmental agreement (Canada-U.S. IGA) that…

Paul Litner, Katherine M. Murphy, Wela Quan

Manitoba becomes the fourth province to enact private sector privacy law

Canada - October 11 2013 On September 13, 2013, Manitoba's Personal Information and Identity Theft Prevention Act (PIITP) received Royal Assent. Under the authority of the…

Regulations under anti-spam law released for comment

Canada - August 2 2011 As we recently reported, new legislation in Canada regulating electronic messaging and spyware (CASL or Canada’s Anti Spam Law1) was passed in December of last year and is awaiting proclamation (see our Osler Update of July 5, 2011).

Michael Fekete, Patricia J. Wilson