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FCPA developments: Glencore, Ericsson and increasing regulatory enforcement

Canada, United Kingdom, USA - February 26 2020 Regulators in both the US and the UK have recently undertaken significant enforcement action against companies for alleged violations of foreign…

Lawrence E. Ritchie

Canada drops from Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries in Transparency International Annual Corruption Perceptions Index

Canada - March 12 2020 On January 23, 2020, Transparency International (TI) released its annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), reporting that Canada had dropped four…

Stéphane Eljarrat, Lawrence E. Ritchie, Chelsea Rubin

Canada’s budget introduces long-awaited beneficial ownership registry to combat money laundering

Canada - April 27 2021 With increasing spotlight being shone on the prevalence of financial wrongdoing worldwide - especially following revelations arising from information…

Haley Adams, Lawrence E. Ritchie, Chelsea Rubin, Elizabeth Sale

Toshiba scandal stresses need for strong corporate governance

Canada - July 24 2015 The current CEO and one former CEO of Toshiba Corp. resigned this week in connection with the accounting scandal the company has been embroiled in…

Kevin O’Brien

U.S. authorities release guidance on potential sanction violations for facilitating ransomware payments

Canada, USA - January 19 2021 Increasingly, companies may find themselves at the mercy of cyber-pirates and other hackers who, through improper means, seize control of information…

Jayne Cooke, Adam Kardash, Lawrence E. Ritchie, Elizabeth Sale