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Court of Appeal clarifies distinction between oppression remedy and derivative actions

Canada - May 28 2015 On May 27, 2015, the Court of Appeal for Ontario released an important decision clarifying a dividing line between two statutory shareholder remedies…

Allan Coleman, Aislinn E. Reid

Toshiba scandal stresses need for strong corporate governance

Canada - July 24 2015 The current CEO and one former CEO of Toshiba Corp. resigned this week in connection with the accounting scandal the company has been embroiled in…

Malcolm Aboud

Supreme Court clarifies test for personal liability of directors for oppressive conduct

Canada - July 13 2017 In its decision released today in Wilson v Alharayeri (Wilson), the Supreme Court of Canada has affirmed the test (originally articulated by the…

Robert Carson, Waleed Malik

Ontario Superior Court recognizes new cause of action addressing internet harassment

Canada - February 9 2021 In Caplan v. Atas (Caplan), Justice Corbett took the extraordinary step of recognizing a new common law tort of internet harassment in response to an…

Swetha Popuri, Karin Sachar

Court rejects deal price as indicator of fair value in dissent decision

Canada, USA - February 22 2019 In an extraordinary decision, the Supreme Court of Yukon (the Court) in Carlock v. ExxonMobil Canada Holdings ULC (ExxonMobil) [PDF]…

Brett Anderson, Jeremy Fraiberg, Alexander Gorka, Emmanuel Pressman