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What does the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan announcement mean for your organization?

Canada - August 12 2015 On August 11, 2015, the Ontario government made additional announcements regarding the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP), which is expected to…

Jana Steele

How to maximize value out of your DC plan – consider these (non-decumulation) strategies (part IV)

Canada - October 22 2014 In Part II and III of this series, we focused on how decumulation strategies can increase DC plan value. In this Part IV, our final instalment in…

Ian J.F. McSweeney

DC decumulation strategies and plan administrator/sponsor considerations (part III)

Canada - October 15 2014 In our last post in this series, we considered whether the development of decumulation strategies for defined contribution (DC) plans may be a matter…

Ian J.F. McSweeney

Decumulation – increasing DC plan value and ensuring compliance with best practices (part II)

Canada - October 9 2014 In Part I of this series, we considered ways in which the "traditional" accumulation driven defined contribution (DC) plan design fails to maximize…

Ian J.F. McSweeney

The first step to maximizing DC plan value is to understand the problem (part I)

Canada - October 7 2014 These days when people who work in the pension industry talk about the various options available to develop an effective pension risk management…

Ian J.F. McSweeney