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WSIB and OCEU complete first-ever SEPP to JSPP conversion in Canada

Canada - December 17 2020 With current market conditions and a low interest rate environment creating sustainability-related concerns for sponsors of defined benefit (“DB”)…

Paul Litner, Olivia Suppa

Obligations for pension and benefit plan sponsors under Ontario’s new emergency sick leave provisions

USA - March 27 2020 By way of Bill 186, Ontario amended the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA), effective March 19, 2020, to establish new rules for emergency leaves…

Olivia Suppa

Ontario pension reforms - Where are they now?

Canada - June 5 2018 The pace of pension reform in Ontario has been fast-moving since the release of the Ontario Budget on March 28, 2018 (the “Budget”). Among other…

Aatifa Ibrahim, Paul Litner, Douglas Rienzo, Anna Zalewski

Goodbye Ontario solvency funding (in part)!

Canada - May 19 2017 On May 19, 2017, Ontario announced various changes that are intended to promote the health and sustainability of defined benefit pension plans…

Jana Steele

The ORPP is Taking Form - What the Introduction of Bill 186 Means for Your Organization

Canada - May 11 2016 The Ontario government continues to move forward with the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP), with the framework for the ORPP being set out in…

Jana Steele