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PDAC 2022 - Moving beyond COVID into the new reality

Canada - June 17 2022 For the most part, few people had lofty expectations for the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada’s 2022 conference. While it was fantastic…

Alan Hutchison

ACPE 2022 - Aller au-delà de la COVID pour entrer dans la nouvelle réalité

Canada - June 17 2022 Pour la plupart, peu de gens avaient de grandes attentes à l’égard de la Conférence de l’Association canadienne des prospecteurs et développeurs de…

Alan Hutchison

WKSI pilot program comes to Canada, plus issuers and registrants face extended OSC review timelines

Canada - December 9 2021 Canadian securities regulators announced two significant developments impacting Canadian capital markets participants this week. First, the Canadian…

Rosalind Hunter, Rob Lando, Desmond Lee

Mining 2021 - Market windows and accessing capital

Canada - December 8 2021 A key consideration for mining companies seeking capital in 2021 was the elusive “market window.” Despite relatively strong commodity prices and…

Alan Hutchison

Progressive changes in a historic year for capital markets activity

Canada - December 8 2021 There was continued progression in securities law in Canada through 2021. A number of changes were implemented or proposed to reduce uncertainty…

Rosalind Hunter, Michael Innes, Desmond Lee, Amelia Miao, François Paradis, Trevor R. Scott, Andrea Whyte